Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Aslan's Sacrifice

Aslan sacrifices himself to the Witch. 
1. Why does he do this?
2. Describe the scene. 
3. What words does the author use to create emotions in you?
4. HOw did you feel when you read this part?


  1. 1. he does this to save Edmund.
    2.Very sad VERY disgraseful and VERY fritining.
    3.Drag,bind,masses,Cut into his flesh.
    4.I felt intence sadness I also felta serring anger inside me like a roaring fire,because of how they treeted him.

  2. 1.because he wants to save the children.
    2.the scene is sad and silent.
    3.the words he uses that made me emotional were cut into his flesh drag
    4.verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry emotional and sad i even had tears in my eyes.

  3. 1. he does this to help save Peter, Susan Edmund and Lucy.

    2. Every one is yelping with excitement and joy accept for Lucy and Susan who are stopped in there tracks very silent and sad, hoping that Aslan lives.

    3.The words the author used that made me tremble were: they pulled the crds so tight that they cut into his flesh.

    4.i felt like i was going to cry. i wanted to just go to Narnia and save Aslan from his suffering and make sure the witch gets what she deserved from killing the true King Of Narnia.

  4. 1. to save edmund from the witch 2.monsters cheering and the slice of the axe and yelling ,screaming a horible display of happyness 3.crude loud mean slice and blood4.disgusted at the meanness and crude ness of the monsters also scared that they will lose the battle.

  5. 1.He does this because he wanted to save Edmund.

    2.Aslan was bound tightly, his main was shaved off, he was muzzled, and then he was set on the stone table and killed.

    3.I sort of flinched when he said this: kicking him, hitting him, spittingon him, and jeering at him

    4.I felt patient, as I waited for it to be over, because I knew almost all books have happy endings.

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  8. 1 Because he cares for him and he is wise enough to rember the deep mgic
    2 There were strange creatures every where
    3 My worst was letting him be SHAVED.
    4 Sad. I just wanted to push away the witch and let Aslan kill her.

  9. 1.because sacrifising himself kept him on the good side so that the prophecy could be forfilled.
    2.hundreds of evil things were everywhere.
    3.cut into him.
    4.Iwanted to go into narnia and kill the witch my self.

  10. 1. He wants to save Edmund from a terrible fate.
    2. & 3. A great crowd of people were standing all round the Stone Table and though the moon was shining many of them carried torches burned with evil-looking red flames and black smoke.Ogres with monstrous teeth,and wolves,and bull-headed men,spirits of evil trees and poisonous plants,Cruels and Hags and Incrubuses,Wraiths,Horrors,Efreets,Sprites, Orknies,Wooses,and Ettins.
    4. A horrible,terrifying,and angering feeling,like biting into something bitter.

  11. 1. to help the kids
    2.the white witches forces gather round as heis bounded and gets shaved
    3.sad and terrible words
    4.sad and sorry

  12. 2.Yelps of victory, crying from Susan and Lucy, and the white witch anouncing that Aslan is dead.

  13. 3.bound,cut his flesh,dropped the stone dagger,one final roar.

  14. 4.i felt sad because i thouht they would all die without Aslan.

  15. save the kids.
    2.very sad and emotional
    3.spitting on him,ropes cutting him
    4.i felt sad because i didnt know if they would live without aslan but i also thought that peter might kill the white witch.

  16. I think he does it because he knows he will come back alive, but the white witch won't.

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  18. 1. I think he does this because he knows that he will come back alive but the witch doesn't.
    2. Susan and Lucy are watching Aslan when he walks up to the stone table. The white witch orders her creatures to cut off his hair. Then they set him on the stone table. Then the white witch takes out here dagger. Aslan gives one final roar before he is killed. Then Susan and Lucy come up to him once the white witch and her creatures are gone. Some mice free Aslan by chewing on the ropes that binded him. Then Susan and Lucy start pacing. While they are pacing they hear a crack. They rush back to the stone table and find that Aslan is gone. They look for him and find that he is alive.
    3. He uses big words that make you feel sad.
    4. I feel realy sad when Aslan is killed, but then I feel great when he comes back alive.

  19. I am seeing a lot of development in your responses.

  20. Aslan sacrifices himself to save the entire world of Narnia. Aslan knew about what the following events would hold for the future of Narnia. To save his world he needed to make sure the prophecy was fulfilled at any cost. To do this he needed to ensure the safety of Edmund. To save Edmund Aslan meets with the queen and offers to give his life for his at the stone table. The queen agrees thinking it’s the perfect move on her behalf. Instead of killing Edmund she would give him up, kill Aslan herself, and then simply go after Edmund and his family after she strikes down Aslan. This on her part was a mistake that Aslan knew before he gave himself up. What she didn’t know was that if one sacrifices themselves in the place of a traitor on the stone table the table itself would break and even death itself would start to work backwards. When Aslan finally died on the stone table and the witch left to kill Edmund and his family Aslan rises from the dead and uses this opportunity to rally reinforcements and lead a surprise attack on the witch. Doing so he is able to bring down the witch and ensure safety to the humans so they may fulfill the prophecy and bring about peace to Narnia.