Tuesday, February 17, 2009


1. What message does this novel tell you about truth?
2. When do you see truth being tested or realized in the novel?
3. When have you told the truth even when you didn't want to?
4. WHat would be a good symbol for truth? Why?


  1. 1. if you tell the truth you will always be believed by someone.

    2. when the professor tests if Lucy is telling the truth about Narnia.

    3. when I on accident broke my dads telescope

    4. <(-_-)>

  2. 1 If you tell the truth you will be still beleived by people.

    2 The proffeser seems like he tests Susan and Peter if they beleive Lucy.

    3 When I sent my mom a funny message.

    4 -^o^- because it might be shocking.

  3. 1.If you tell the truth, even when people don't believe you, and you stick with the truth no matter what, everything will be better in the end.

    2.When Peter, Susan, Edmund, and Lucy are in the the Wardrobe and they find they are in Narnia.

    3.When I was chatting with a friend on my e-mail when I was supposed to be doing my homework and my dad found out about it.

    4.I think "(^*^)" would be a good symbol for truth because it looks like a face telling the truth.

  4. 1. Always tell the truth. If you think someone is lying and you now that person really well than you at least should give them a chance.

    2. When Susan, Peter, Edmund and Lucy go through the wardrobe into Narnia when they are all together.

    3. when I forgot to feed my dog.

    4.∗ ❧≈❧ ∗ I think this is a good symbol for truth because it has ( this is what it looks like to me ) waves, to me waves make me feel happy and telling the truth is a happy thing. there is a symbol that looks like a fruit which is new, fresh, innocent and which I think is stands for telling the truth, and when a fruit dries up and ages that stands for when someone lies. the stars remind me of snowflakes which are light, pretty and good, they make me feel happy and sometimes when you tell the truth you feel happy.

  5. 1. I think that lww tels a good tale about truth and that is if you always tell the truth you will alway atleast be concidered truth.
    2.when lucy brings the others to narnia.
    3.when I hit my teacher in the eye with a ball of clay I was throwing and broke her 1000 dollar glasses and made her cry.
    4.:) because its a smily face.

  6. 1.when you tell the truth somthing good is due to happen 2.when they reilize lucy was telling the truth about narnia 3.when i addmited i liked a game my friends didnt. 4. <(-_-)> and ;-)

    by kyle grace

  7. 1. If you tell the truth you feel good,honest,and happy and people will believe and trust you.If you don't tell the truth you feel bad and dishonest and people won't believe and trust you.
    2.They realize she is telling the truth when they come to Narnia.When Edmund comes back with Lucy,Peter and Susan test Edmund to see if he is telling the truth and he isn't.
    3.When my friend wanted me to tell her what my other friend said when I wasn't supposed to.
    4.A friend,because they're your friends and should always tell you the truth.And ^=^ because it looks like it's ptoud to be telling the truth.

  8. 1.the truth is the truth
    2.when lucy tells them about the wardrobe
    3.when I get iin trouble
    4.the american flag because it symbolies that this is a free country and everyone has the right to be truthful

  9. 1. telling the truth is always right.
    2.peter Susan and Edmund realise that Lucy was telling the truth when they all enter the Wardrobe.
    3.When I was young my mom told me to wash my and I didn't, she asked me if i did and i said, no.
    4.:}and=} because they both look proud and happy that they told the truth.

  10. 1.that if you see somebody or some thing even if somebody dosen`t belive you it is still true
    2.when the proffeser ask who is the truthful one,Edmund, or Lucy...

  11. 3.when i forgot my planner for home
    4.<(*#*)> because it looks like a honest person

  12. 1.it tells you that you should always be truthful even when you dont want to.
    2.when the proffeser asks peter and susan if lucy ever lied they said no.
    3.when i was suposed to be doing my homework but i was watching tv.

  13. 1. That you should find out if something is true before you say it.
    2. When Edmund betrays them to the white witch.
    3. When I was angry at me brother and pushed him down.
    4. HI!-('_') HI!-('_'), because it shows 2 people being nice to each-other.

  14. I LOVE HOW YOU MAD EUP YOUR OWN SYMBOLS!!! I was expecting a description of what you thought, but I LOVE what you did so much more!