Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Which one?

1. Which character is the most like you? Why?
2. Which character would you want to be your friend? Why?
3. Which character creates an emotional reaction in you? (angry, furious, frustrated, depressed, etc.) When/Why do you feel this way?


  1. 1.I think lucy is most like me because she is young and is couios and always wants to play.
    2.Aslan because I think he would be responsible, trustwothy, and very protective.
    3.Edmund makes me angary because how he can just turn on his own family he also lied abot seeing Narnia.

  2. 1.I don't agree with Kendra because I think Lucy does not always want to play. But my character is Peter because he does not get in a lot of danger.

    2.Peter, because he could protect me. Even though as Aslan could protect me even more, Aslan is a Lion, not a boy, and I think I could make better friends with a boy.

    3.Edmund, because he is bad for a while and I would be worried that he would stay on the bad side.

  3. 1.lucy because I never lie about little things like narnia.
    2.Lucy because she is like me.
    3.Lucy because I can conect to her.

  4. 1.Peter is most like me because he fights a lot.

    2.Peter because he is very smart.

    3.The giant when he broke down the wall.

  5. 1. I'm most like Lucy. She doesn't give up on something even if she
    is told that it could not be true or that it could not happen

    2. I would love to have Susan as a friend because she is very brave,
    adventures, and very responsible

    3. I agree with Kendra that Edmund betrayed his own family

  6. 1.Peter, because he can always help in some ways.

    2.Aslan, because he can be nice, in the horse and his boy he is super kind.

    3.Edmund makes me feel bad for the other kids because he betrays them.

  7. 1 Lucy because she has very creative thinking

    2 Lucy because I think it would be fun.

    3 Edmund because he never listens

  8. 1. Lucy,because she never lies and is curious,adventurous.She also believes believing is seeing.
    2. Lucy,because we're so simalar.
    3. Edmund makes me frustrated and furious because he was on the White Witches side.

  9. 1.I would like to have peter as a friendd because I am brave and curages like him.
    2.I would like aslan as my friend because we have a lot of similaraties.
    3.The white witch makes me angry when she is cruel to the inhabitants of narnia in the book

  10. 1) I like Lucy the most because she is vey imaginitive and believes everything. She is also vey curious.
    2) I would want Susan to be my friend because she likes to play but can also be serious at times.
    3) Aslan showed powerful emotions such as: braveness, kindness, and playfulness when the white witch killed him and the deeper magic brought him back to life.

    Kaitlynn Saxe

  11. 1.edmund he is always serios and a boy like me.2.aslan he is cool nice, brave, valiant and tame he would be a great lion friend. 3.the witch i am angry that she has survived altheway from the first book she has already ruled charn she should not want to rule narnia now.also her name is jadis.

    by kyle grace

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  13. 1.Lucy because she's so CURIOUS.

    2.Lucy because we are alike.

    3.Edmund because he makes me so FURIOUS why i think this way is because he lied to his own family. I feel this way when I read that he lies.

  14. 1. Susan because she is brave, quiet, smart and kind.

    2. Lucy because she would be trustworthy and kind.

    3. Edmund makes me wondrous because i wonder what he was thinking when he met the witch and talked to Aslan about going on the witches side.

  15. 1.I think Peter is because he likes to adventure and I do too.
    2.Peter again because he seems like he would be willing to do things that I wanted to do.
    3.Aslan. He would make me fell strong and brave.I feel this way when I am being cheered on by many people.

  16. 1.peter because he never gets in a bad position.
    2.peter also because i think he and i would make a good team.
    3.edmund makes me feel confused because he is with his family and then just walks out the door.

  17. peter becuase hes a good fighter

    peter becuase he is protective and responsible

    edmund because he betrase his family