Wednesday, February 18, 2009


1. Describe how the novel ends. 
2. Which details affected you the most?
3. What emotions did you feel at the end of the novel? Why do you feel this way?


  1. Happy because the witch is gone from Narnia.

    By Korbin Scherf

  2. 1.korbin is right happy because narnia has a good king and the bad witch is deciease.
    2.the detail that efected me the most was finding narnia.
    3.I felt amazes because the book eas one of the best books I have ever read.

  3. 1.Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy go back to their world.

    2. It affected me the most when it said they got back to their own world because I was getting worried that they would never return to their own world.

    3.Happy, because everything turned out good at the end.

  4. 1.they return to england by accident whille hunting.

  5. 2. the sadnes of the charecters made me cry aty my house with al the dying and killing thats why i was sad3.happy that they won and returned to england to later return.

  6. 1.Funny because they find themselves in the mansion and the professer catches them for breaking the window and they don`t remember.
    2.Iagree with kyle, it was sad (I didn`t cry)
    3.It`s sad they got back to their own demencion because everybody thouht they abandond them.

  7. 1 The Pevansies become kings and queens.

    2 When Aslan got stabbed.

    3 I was happy because the witch was dead and the Pevansies were controling.

  8. the novel ends when they finally get back to england.

    when aslan got killed at the stone table

    i was happy because the witch was gone

  9. 1. Silly and happy because how the Professor talks about what they teach at school.
    2. When they came home and when the Professor said "No I don't think it will be any good trying to go back through the wardrobe to get the coats.You won't get back to Narnia again by that route.
    3. Amazed,sad,and happy because they got back home.

  10. ends by peace coming to narnia
    2.the details were amazing and they really make me see the setting
    3.I feel happy because they won and peace came to narnia

  11. 1.The novel ends happy and the children return to the real world.
    2.When Lucy first enters the wardrobe because it was truly magic.
    3.I felt happy that Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy were kings and queens
    but I was also very sad the book was over.

  12. 1. it is kind of like a happy ending, accept that they have to leave Narnia and go back to the real world which means that there might be some conflict wile they are away.

    2. the details that affected me the most was the part when the White Witch was killing Aslan.

    3. i felt exited and disappointed at the same time because the book ended with a happy ending and i was disappointed because i finished the book.

  13. 1.The novel ends when they win the battle, become kings and queens, and then go back home through the wardrobe.
    2.I think that it is cool when the book describes Aslan breathing on all the animals an them turning from stone back to real animals.
    3.I felt sad that the book ended!!!! I love good books but when they en I always wish that they hadn't.

  14. ends happy because the witch is not there anymore
    2.the detail that affected me the most was when aslan sacrificed himself
    3.i felt glad that the children won and were kings and queens of narnia but i was also sad that the book was over

  15. the children are all kings and queens and they go back to there world by kaitlynn saxe

  16. 2.when they went into narnia. it was realy exciting!

    3.happy beacause they were kings and queens but sad beacause it was over