Sunday, February 1, 2009


Personification is when non-human things are given human characteristics. 

E.g. 1 The table sat and watched the clock while it waited for someone to have a seat. 
           Non-human thing - table
           Human characteristic(s) - sat (sitting), watched (watching), waited (waiting)

E.g. 2 The weasel danced around merrily while he escaped the jaws of the cobra. 
           Non human thing -weasel
           Human characteristic(s) - danced

1. What examples of personification can you find in The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe?

2. How does personification add to the story?


  1. 1.The Witch(witch has no human blood)Asked Edmund to comesit with her in the sligh.
    Mr. Beaver told the children Mrs.Beaver would have dinner on the stove and ready.

  2. 2.personification is important because Narnia is a fiction book. Without it the book would be quite boring.

  3. 1 The witch has powers that her food makes peoples of Narnia follow her.

    2 Personification is important because it has more juicy things that are good to add to the story.

  4. 1.Mr.Beaver sat down quietly at the edge of the hole,looked hard into it,then suddenly shot in his paw. Non-Human Thing - Mr.Beaver Human Characteristic(s)-sat(sitting)

  5. 2.In a childrens fiction story,personification is very impotant,it makes it more exciting and amusing,without personification the story might seem like an adult's non-fiction novel.

  6. 1.Mr.Beaver and peter walked out of the house and went to a hole in the ice.Non human thing -Mr.Beaver
    Human Characteristic(s)-walked(walk)

    2.Personification adds to the story because in the story there are lots of animals that would never talk in our world.

  7. 1.the beavers aslan feris ulf. pretty much all non human things in the story. adds to the story by making it interesting if non of the animals could talk it would not be that good.

  8. 1.i agree with kendra the witch is not a bit human but acts like one. nice job kendra

  9. the nyads and dryads played beautiful songs on there harps
    non human thing nyads and dryads
    human characteristic playing songs

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  11. 1. steve you have an excelent point and idea my example would be mr.tumnus non-human but he drinks tea witch is human
    2.personification adds to lww by making it more interesting.

  12. 1.Mrs.Beaver cooked dinner and packed up their luggage.

    2.It makes it funnier an more interesting.

  13. 1.Aslan talks to Edmund after he was rescued from the White Whitch

    2. it makes it more interesting and exiting. it also makes you want to read it more because there is non-human things doing human actions.

  14. Kyle-I need to know exact details.

  15. Wonderful interactions between Caprice and Steve. I like how she built off of Steve's comments and created her own example. Beautiful! :)

  16. the wardrobe sat waiting to be opened and discovered.
    I think it is important to have personification in the story because there would have to be people in every sentence.

  17. 1. When it talks about the animals that are watching Aslan going to be killed are talking, laughing, etc.
    2. It makes the story more interesting.

  18. 1. aslan talked to edmund.
    non human-aslan
    human characteristics- talking wisdom
    2.if thwere was no fiction than it would be boring.

  19. aslan stood on his hind legs
    it makes you want to read it

  20. There are the trees, they’re always listening
    trees are not human

  21. aslan and the witch are talking together they are both non human